Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question answered here, please ask away!

How does this all work?

We'll chat through all the details of your event and what sort of product(s) you'd like me to create for you, along with when you need them delivered/collected. I can source lots of different materials or if you have found something unique you want to send to me then that is no problem. You'll send me your wording and guest list closer to the time and then all your products will be lovingly handmade and shipped safely off for you to enjoy! 


When should I get in touch?

The sooner the better! I generally recommend contacting me 3 months in advance to book yourself in and to make sure that there is plenty of time to put your vision together. But if you are more last minute, we can still try to make it work. Whether you’re collecting or having your products delivered, they will always be ready 1-2 weeks before your event date. This ensures anything can be corrected in good time and there is no stress close to your big day! Certain times of year are busier than others, so the more time you can book in advance, the better. 


How do I send you my wording/guest list/addresses?

I will need your final wording 5/6 weeks prior to your collection/delivery date. I mostly work with Pages, Numbers and PDF formats so if they can be sent to me via these then this is much easier for me to read through. 

Please make sure to triple check all wording as I write exactly what is given to me. If you are having first names only on place cards but having initials for duplicates then please specify this and write each name out exactly as you want it.  If someone changes addresses or you realised you misspelled a name that's totally fine! Stuff happens. Just let me know and it can be sorted!  

Can you copy a font that I have found elsewhere?

I have spent over two years trying to perfect my calligraphy and have naturally developed a style that is solely mine. I haven’t (yet) tried to create more than one font for my collection but I would always be happy to slightly adapt my font towards a style that you like. For example a thinner text or a more exaggerated style. 


Why do you need extra envelopes/place cards if I'm suppling them?

I am human and I make mistakes! Sometimes it’s my brain and sometimes the ink has a mind of its own! Spacing on unique surfaces can be difficult and come with a bit of a learning curve. 

 The extra materials allow me to get it just right. Other than errors on my end, there can be mistakes discovered later on the list given to me, and we need to be sure we have spares to cover those errors as well as any last minute additions. 


 Can you write on this?

I can usually write on just about anything! From wood to sea glass to champagne bottles to mirrors to hangers to tiles.

Just let me know what you're after and I'll do my best! 

Do you send out samples? 

Yes absolutely. Just let me know what you would like and I’ll price it up and get it sent out to you asap!


How does payment work? 

A 50% non refundable deposit must be paid to book in your slot, then the remaining 50% is due once all work is complete.

Your slot will not be secure until this payment is made. I have many couples requesting the same dates and it is on a first come first serve basis. Even if quotes have been sent out and lots of emails exchanged. 

Materials will also not be ordered nor will any work commence until the deposit is paid.

Bank transfers are preferable but other forms of payment can be discussed.

All charges will be made via invoice.

All payments must be paid within 30 days of invoicing.

If your numbers change and I have already ordered supplies then you may be subject to extra costs for getting the extra materials ordered in.

Any small additions will usually just be added on to the final invoice but if another larger order is placed then you will be billed for the full amount right away (as long as I can fit this in). 

All prices are correct as of 2020 and are inclusive of VAT. 


What sort of colours can I have?

There are tons of colours out there so we can discuss the options to get the right match for you. I can always mix up a custom ink for you as well (this will be an extra cost).


I only ship within the U.K currently.

All delivery prices are based on final weight and will be added to the final invoice. 


All my wooden signage is 13mm Ash faced MDF.

Which is then hand sanded, hand stained and hand varnished to achieve that smooth dark grain look. 

All care has been taken to remove any splinters but on the odd occasion there might be one so take care when handling your signs. 

My acrylic signs are all 3mm Green Cast Recycled Acrylic including the place names.

My large card signs (A1 and A2) are all 1250micron mount board. The smaller signs (A3, A4, A5, A6) are all 350 gsm or thicker. 

My chalkboard signs are all double sided, smooth and 6mm each. 

All place cards are 270gsm or thicker and come in a huge array of colours. 

Where can I see your prices?

My full price list can be found at the bottom of each page or in the menu bar. Please note that this is a guide and prices vary depending on many different things. Please get in touch for exact prices.